Medical Services

Big Sky I.V. Care is dedicated to compassionate care, and clinical and educational excellence. In order to promote these ideals, we maintain an active quality improvement program to continue our tradition of exceptional care and patient satisfaction.

Clinical Pharmacy – Big Sky I.V. Care employs highly experienced and trained pharmacists who oversee intravenous and injectable therapies, coordinate care with practitioners and nurses and follow through on any issues with your therapy.

Sterile Compounding of Medications – All of our sterile medications are prepared in a compliant (USP 797 or USP 800) clean room environment which is certified every 6 months.

Dietary Consult and Nutritional Assessment –We coordinate with Registered Dietitians who can assess patient lab values and make dietary and therapy recommendations to our staff and your physician or practitioner.

Skilled Nursing –Big Sky I.V. Care staff Registered Nurse very experienced with administering IV medications, IV pump operation and care of your IV Catheter.  nurses have over 45 years in I.V. infusion therapy and over 65 years in nursing care.

Catheter Care – Nurses at Big Sky I.V. Care are trained in the care and maintenance of PICCs (peripheral inserted central catheters), Central Lines and PIVs (peripheral intravenous catheters).  Our nurses love putting in IVs!

We provide care for all types of I.V. catheters and central lines.

Private Infusion Suites

We are an outpatient  infusion pharmacy and nursing service comprised of professionals with many years of health care experience.

Infusion Suites For Specialty And Chronic Disease Medications

Our patient care suites offer a private and comfortable setting for patients to receive their IV medications while being monitored by our pharmacists and nurses. The suites are equipped with overstuffed loungers, cable television and Wifi to help pass the time.

Many chronic diseases are treated with IV medications requiring constant monitoring during administration. These so called “Specialty Medications” treat a variety of conditions including Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Immune-compromised conditions and involve drugs such as Remicade, Actemra, Benlysta, IVIG among many others.

Our experienced billing staff will verify your benefits, prior authorize your therapy and help coordinate your co-pay assistance program if available.

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